How to find a professional Locksmith San Francisco Bay Area

Finding a Professional Locksmith

Got locked out? Here are 3 sure-fire & definitive signs for finding a professional and reliable locksmith.

Getting locked out is a frustrating experience, and that’s an understatement. Finding the right locksmith can make a world of difference.

It seems that a house lockout always occurs at the most inconvenient times, like right before a meeting or after a long work day. A house lockout is a stressful situation that relates to our feeling of security, and finding the right person for the job is essential for your peace of mind.

There are several parameters that one should bear in mind when choosing a locksmith, and despite the pressure and stress caused by getting locked out – it is crucial to take them into account. Bad locksmithing can cause further damage, and have you calling a locksmith again soon enough. 

Here are some factors to consider when calling for a locksmith:

  1. Licensed locksmiths ONLY– 

Locksmiths in San Francisco, Bay Area and California need to be licensed by the California Bureau of Security & Investigative Services. Proper licensing ensures that the locksmith has a clean criminal record and that the company is a legitimately registered business. All licensed locksmiths undergo a criminal record check and have their fingerprints taken. 

  1. Official certification – 

Hire an officially certified locksmith, with certification from a credible institution. Locksmith certification requires theoretical studies, becoming familiar with different locks and mechanisms and a practical test of skill. An officially certified locksmith has a deeper understanding of the situation, better knowledge of the different types of locks and tools required a much lower chance of a mistake that will make things A LOT worse. They may charge a bit more, but will give you a higher certainty of the quality of the work. It is completely appropriate to ask the locksmith about his certification and training.

  1. Price and quotes – 

An experienced and reliable locksmith will be able to give you a general price estimate based on a few questions and a general description of the situation, but a final quote may only be given after he/she arrives at the place. That is fair, since a final price should be decided after inspecting the situation. The locksmith should first give you a final price offer for you to accept before getting to work, and it is customary to give consultation before arriving.

Do not compromise for less! 

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